EESS seeks conversations with additional businesses that currently or previously were doing business with the Department of Homeland Security and its agencies and would like to expand their access to future work through representation in the Washington DC region.


EESS provides technical evaluation of marine environmental systems for Battelle Memorial and the US Coast Guard.


EESS featured ATT products and services at the NDIA Innovation Symposiums held in Tampa, Florida and New Orleans during the period June 2006 - 2009.


EESS is an authorized subcontractor of the largest telephone company in the world - ATT, one of the finest research institutes in the world - Battelle Memorial Institutes, and joint venture partner with an aspiring and highly talented civil engineering firm that specializes in commissioning - BCE Inc of Alaska.


EESS provided risk assessment services for the Singaporean Navy evaluating the use of robotic floating platforms designed to protect ammunition barges in the port of Singapore.

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