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EESS is a scientific, engineering and technical support consulting firm specializing in environmental technologies, advancing homeland security and national defense by assisting clients in expanding their capabilities to enhance readiness through managerial, strategic, tactical and operational planning, support and oversight. The primary core of EESS’ activities incorporates a RAMCAP methodology incorporating risk analysis, risk assessment, risk-based decision support, risk portfolio management, preparedness evaluation and continuity of operations planning review, training curriculum development, exercise management and third party independent organizational performance evaluation. We apply the RAMCAP approach to risks as diverse as piracy, maritime terrorism, other transportation mode (trains, mass transit, busses, trucks, etc.) risks, facilities safety and security risks (power plants, chemical manufacturing, and other), natural hazards from big storms, earthquakes and tsunami, and environmental risks from oil or chemical spills and releases. In addition, EESS has special technical competencies in supply chain security involving the evaluation and integration of security systems, including sensors, alarms, wireless communication devices, audio/visual monitoring systems, and satellite tracking. EESS has special expertise and world-class experience in Knowledge Management and special techniques in high capacity data mining for forensic purposes. Finally EESS has a maritime scientific focus with emphasis on combating global climate change through the development and adaptation of innovative “green” sensor technologies where by measuring we can better manage energy consumption and reduce toxic waste streams.

The principal of EESS, Dennis Michael Egan, offers clients exceptional leadership, networking expertise and many years of experience regarding national defense and homeland security planning and operations. Following his 34 years of active-duty military service on behalf of our nation, Mike remains fully committed and engaged in promoting - and better enabling our national defense and homeland security. Building on his exceptional expertise, experience and network of professional colleagues, he founded EESS to support and advance this vital mission. EESS offers it specialized consulting and support services to, and has clients from both the public and private sectors. The EESS concept is to assemble a qualified team of experts and specialists, led by Mr. Egan, specifically tailored to a client’s requirements. He provides expert assistance for clients in green energy, environmental and sustainable technologies to prepare successful grant and venture proposals. He both markets proposals and brokers potential sources of project public, commercial and private financing.

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