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Captain Dennis “Mike” Egan, PE USCG-Retired

Capping his years of distinguished service with the United States Coast Guard, Mr. Egan was the Chief of the Commandant’s Situation Room and Coast Guard's Office of Command, Control and Preparedness from 1999-2002, serving as the Service's principal contingency planner and command center program manager during Y2K and the events of 9-11. He also distinguished himself as the Director of several major international military readiness and environmental response exercises, and was Coast Guard's senior service contingency planner for TOPOFF 1.

Among his many career achievements, Mr. Egan was a Sloan Fellow at MIT (1991) and an ASME Congressional Fellow assigned to the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA. (2007-2008) He also successfully served as a Senior Scientist and the Director for the System Planning Corporation's Center for Border and Transportation Security (2002-2004). He led the corporation's $3.4 million program in support of the Department of Homeland Security's Operation Safe Commerce. Under his leadership, this highly complex, challenging project coordinating security teams in the Mid-East and Far-East, was completed successfully on time and well within targeted costs.

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