EESS LLC was awarded an 18 month consultant services support

Egan Engineering Support Services LLC was awarded an 18 month consultant services support fellowship with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Work was successfully performed directly in support of the Department of Homeland Security and its risk management methodology called RAMCAP.

EESS is assisting Homeland Security firms

EESS is assisting Homeland Security firms to compete for various DHS contracts in engineering, technology support and program management. These include the current competition for TABSS.

EESS teamed successfully with D. B. George and Associates and Price, Waterhouse, and Coopers, Calibre, and several other leading firms and was awarded a major 5 year contract as part of the DHS TABSS procurement competition.

The US government has simplified procurement procedures

The US government has simplified procurement procedures for their Agency procurement offices to encourage the growth of Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. Executive Procurement Orders allow for sole-source award for up to $5 million for manufacturers and $3 million for other categories of businesses in those situations where there are only one business provider in this category that can be identified as qualified to perform the specific work. The President has set a goal of Agencies awarding 5% of all their procurements in each year to qualified businesses of this category.

EESS LLC helps the US Coast Guard determine new requirements in ballast water safety.

EESS LLC joined with Battelle Memorial Institute to evaluate the costs to the industry of installing a variety of ballast water treatment systems that met or exceeded the latest IMO requirements. A key aspect to this work was evaluating the sufficiency of IV and V techniques available to prove claims of manufacturers. Compliance with the rigorous California standards was found to be very difficult to verify using current technology. The Coast Guard would basically have to accept manufacturers' claims of compliance without verification or reject the practicality of the California standard altogether. Policy issues regarding the regulations ultimately may be affected by the study.

EESS LLC Researcher Speaks to the US Naval Academy

CAPT Egan USCG (Ret) presented some of the results of his research in modeling piracy to the Midshipmen and Professors of the US Naval Academy as part of the Naval Academy's Distinguished Speaker Series of Lectures sponsored by the Naval Academy Section of the Marine Technical Society. CAPT Egan's work included latest modeling techniques involving environmental, capability, and behavioral components leading to improved practical use of risk models for operational application in waters near Somalia. CAPT Egan is a principal researcher at EESS LLC and currently serves as Chairman of the Washington DC Section of the Marine Technology Society.

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